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 俗话说,人不伤心不落泪。好好的家园楼房,一帮人道来没有任何手续,不听任何辩解,更不给予任何赔偿,就这样平白无故的将老百姓的房屋拆除了。老百姓呼天不应,呼地不灵,怎能不悲痛欲绝,伤心落泪。而就在这种时刻,一边的官员却是一副得意洋洋,不以为然的样子,哈哈大笑。让老百姓不服就去告去, “依法治国嘛 ”。

  “有图未必有真相 ”,看待这事得考虑当时情境,得放在具体语境里来说。问题是,面对相关图片下面被加上诸如 “霸气外露、女王范儿十足 ”之类的图说,网友评论跑得飞快,道德板砖遍地飞舞。在 “浅阅读 ”的新闻浏览环境下,很多人也没耐心再去听顾老师说当天情况。

 Please click to read more My China Stories  You are welcome to share your stories, and please send it to mychinastory@chinadaily.com.cn I had a great experience recently. It's a Sunday in famous classical city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu province and I scored an unexpected role as a substitute judge of an English competition for kids. It's from a private school that runs classes in the smaller cities and towns including the backwater where my wife works. All these cute girls dressed up beautifully in their special party frocks and shiny leather shoes turn up to perform. Plus quirky boys with slicked or spiky hair and even boyishly smart casual dress. One tiger even had braces. They are aged 5 to 11 and they try so hard and they are so funny as soon as you get outside the set routine or even inside the set routine sometimes.

 Peers in British Parliament's upper chamber voted by 348 to 225 in favor of a call requiring government ministers to report on steps to negotiate a continued customs union with the European Union.

 Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita said that the NPC's electing Xi as president fully affirms Xi's outstanding governing capability and noble quality of serving the people, and he would like to join Xi in making unremitting efforts to further strengthen the friendly cooperation between China and Mali.

 In his response, Putin said Russia-China relations in 2017 achieved new progress, as the volume of two-way trade has seen substantial increases and exchanges in areas of technology, culture and people-to-people exchanges have been vigorous.





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