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 Hainan will be China's largest free trade zone enjoying increased opening-up policies and will be the country's first free trade port since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

 圣卡洛斯宫建造于16世纪末,1777年成为圣塔菲公共图书馆(哥伦比亚国家图书馆前身)馆址,这也是美洲最早建立的图书馆 。之后也曾作为哥伦比亚总统府使用,最后成为哥外交部,沿用至今 。这座历史悠久的建筑收藏有400余年来留下的天价文化艺术遗产,还有一些百余年里拉美解放先驱和统治者在此种下的树木 。在这样一个充满历史文化气息的建筑以及以领袖命名的大厅里,让中拉文化“零距离”接触、中拉文明互学互鉴显然是再合适不过的了 。

 The native of Lyuliang, Shanxi province, and his colleagues would arrive back at their hotel at about 7 pm every evening, and then rush to send details of violations or illegal behavior to the Ministry of Environmental Protection by 9 pm. After that, they scoured complaints submitted to local authorities, looking for clues to potential irregularities, and then selected the companies they would inspect the following day.

 Tests demonstrated that ferritin-modified nanozymes suppressed tumors in animal models, and proved the feasibility of using nanozymes for tumor therapy.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping made the announcement when delivering a speech at a gathering to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of Hainan Province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Friday afternoon.

 "The Chinese government has offered these short courses through bilateral support. The first batch of twenty Gambians would be departing today (Wednesday evening)," he said.





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