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 Please click to read more My China Stories  You are welcome to share your stories, and please send it to mychinastory@chinadaily.com.cn I had a great experience recently. It's a Sunday in famous classical city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu province and I scored an unexpected role as a substitute judge of an English competition for kids. It's from a private school that runs classes in the smaller cities and towns including the backwater where my wife works. All these cute girls dressed up beautifully in their special party frocks and shiny leather shoes turn up to perform. Plus quirky boys with slicked or spiky hair and even boyishly smart casual dress. One tiger even had braces. They are aged 5 to 11 and they try so hard and they are so funny as soon as you get outside the set routine or even inside the set routine sometimes.

 韩国军方的解释表态,明确没有确定部署THAAD,表现出对中国的友善。至诚大兵认为,美军在韩国部署反导系统这样的军情,通常情况下,因牵涉美国军事关系,牵一发而动全身,按说应是以外交辞令委婉而含糊其辞地表达,既不否定也不肯定;然而,韩国军方却一反常态,非常明确、非常快捷地表态,这是对中国军方忧虑的善意回应,表现出对中国的高度友善。韩国国防部相关人士当天表示:“部署THAAD不是正式议题,但是常万全部长对此表示忧虑。就此,韩民求长官解释说,美方没有确定部署THAAD,也没有与我方协商。而且这(不是针对中国的)是为了防范朝鲜弹道导弹威胁。 ”这样的表态,显然中国很满意,出访韩国的常万全非常有面子。

 The House of Lords is currently debating Prime Minister Theresa May's European Union withdrawal bill, the legislation needed to end Britain's membership of the bloc after more than 40 years.

 In a series of events organized by the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, China's diplomats and business representatives exchanged thoughts and had provocative discussions about the issues, hoping some consensus could be reached through a clash of ideas and heated debates.






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