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 记得第一次看电影《妈妈再爱我一次》,我这个男子汉强忍不住泪水的流出,那镜头触动了我的心灵。那是一种震撼,一种爱的呼唤,妈妈是多么伟大 !在那个动乱的年代,由于出身问题,我的奶奶和父亲常常挨批斗,家穷不说,受委屈的父亲经常和母亲吵吵打打。记得那是一个夏天,外婆来了,她愤然地指着父亲说:“这次我把女儿带走了,就不会再回来,就是你叫儿子来哭也没用 !”因为父母吵架后,母亲赌气回娘家,都是我去外婆家哭着拉回来的。这次母亲是铁了心,连母亲结婚时的樟木箱都扛走了。父亲托人求情了几次,母亲都没有回来,父亲就仍然叫我向母亲去求情,我走到外婆家,外婆把我赶了出来,说:“我不会再把女儿往火坑里推,你哭你叫都没用 !”我站在外婆家门外,大声哭着喊:“妈妈――,我不能没有好妈妈 !不能没有妈妈……”我被外婆赶回了家,抱着爸爸大哭:“我不能没有妈妈 !你为什么要与妈妈吵架,你受委屈可以打我呀 !”后来村里的大姨(她的娘家与妈妈的娘家是一个村庄)去了外婆家,把我说的这番话告诉了母亲,母亲是哭着跑了回来……那时虽然很小,但我知道,如果妈妈不回来,没有任何女人会再进这个“黑五类”家庭。

 Xi also highlighted the importance of building a stronger Party organization at all levels and implementing the Party’s frugality rules.

 Xi required the opening-up of all areas with a broader vision, higher goals and more effective measures. Guangdong province should speed up building open economies at a higher level, proactively taking part in building the Belt and Road, and turning the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area into a world-class city cluster, Xi said.

 The Bush family had said in a statement on Sunday that she was in failing health, had decided not to seek further medical treatment and instead would focus on "comfort care."

 Ironically, the Western world where globalization originated has now become hostile to globalization in one way or another. Skeptics argue that globalization, which means free and open trade, is costing them their jobs at home and their way of life.

 The annual tourist capacity of the terminals is expected to reach 1 million by 2020, the governor said. He added that international flights will grow from the current 56 to 100 in three years as two major airports - Haikou Meilan International Airport and Sanya Phoenix International Airport - are expanding. The fifth airport on the island is taking shape on the western coast.





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