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 The US government has so far said it was "disappointed" at Abe's visit. It should use much stronger words in denouncing Abe's acts and urge Japan to face up honestly to its past. After all, Abe's shrine visit came only 19 days after the 72nd anniversary of the attack on the Pearl Harbor, which drew the US into WWII.

 There can't be any better venue. Boao, once a barely known fishing hamlet in China's southernmost Hainan Province, has today become one of the Asian country's gateways to the wider world with its annual global gathering that is gaining clout.

 More cruise routes will be opened under its plan to make Hainan a hub of international trade and shipping in the South China Sea region, the governor said.

 He said that he hoped compatriots across the Straits would shoulder their responsibilities, push the peaceful unification process and fulfill the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.


 In this context, we see two potential routes. The first assumes that similarly to the steel/aluminum tariffs saga, we will witness a gradual de-escalation of tensions once the parties have renegotiated trade terms-so that the final tariffs represent only a small fraction of the initial threats. The second route assumes we are on a slippery slope toward a trade war. Indeed, the recent Cabinet reshuffle in the US indicates a circle of presidential advisers who closely adhere to Trump's world view, raising the risks of an all-out trade war.





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