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 反腐高潮 ,振臂欢呼的人群中 ,肯定藏了不少“老虎苍蝇”。他们为了迷惑反腐力量 ,为了逃避监督 ,拥护反腐的姿态可能比别人更坚决 ,喊声可能更响亮。所以 ,不管是上面还是我们这类不明真相的群众 ,都要睁大眼睛 ,不能被那些上面一有动作就挽起袖子高呼支持的人所迷惑。

 The mission would be launched this summer for a trip to the sun's atmosphere about 4 million miles (6.4 million km) from the surface to study how the star affects space and other planets.

 对于两岸签署两岸和平协议的问题 ,马英九强调只有通过公投的方式才能决定 ,马英九说 ,透过公投方式才是真正展现诚意 ,因为这样做之后 ,才能成功 ,否则不管民意 ,两岸领导人自行签署和平协议 ,结果民众不赞成 ,用公投将它废掉 ,那时多难看。我们是一个民主“国家” ,不能在没有获得多数民意支持的情况下 ,进行与多数民意不同意见的行为 ,之后到一个比较成熟的时候 ,方能水到渠成。

 Antigua and Barbuda Governor General Rodney Williams said Xi is a leader with great charisma and talent, and he hopes China will make greater achievements in its development under Xi's leadership.

 In his message, Li noted that with the successful conclusion of the 22nd regular meeting between the heads of government of China and Russia in November, the two sides have reached crucial consensus on promoting all-around pragmatic cooperation and deepened the integration of interests.

 In 2013, Premier Li Keqiang announced goals to reduce pollution throughout the country. This was a fundamental change of direction from the previous emphasis solely on rapid GDP growth. Since then, policies to shift toward cleaner industry and energy brought down the average concentration of PM2.5 by almost 40 percent from 2013 in the Jing-Jin-Ji region. In Beijing, the average concentration of PM2.5 went down from 89.5 micrograms per cubic meter in 2013 to 58 mcg per cu m for the entire year of 2017-below the target of 60 set out when the campaign was launched and 36 percent below the 2013 level of 90. Throughout China, 338 cities saw an average reduction of 6.5 percent from 2016 levels.





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