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 In his message, Li noted that with the successful conclusion of the 22nd regular meeting between the heads of government of China and Russia in November, the two sides have reached crucial consensus on promoting all-around pragmatic cooperation and deepened the integration of interests.

 Putin pledged that his country will join China in making efforts to deepen their comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and benefit the two peoples.

 The author is a sinologist, at the Chinese Studies Center of Excellence for the National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan.

 上映之前作为小插曲的审核风波,原本可看做使电影多了层神秘感,但偏偏姜文在公映前几日又放一炮,“民国其实没那么了不起 ”:“不过是一个半脏、半臭、半殖民地的社会,整个国家的GDP是很低的,国军也穿着草鞋,我真想不通哪里有任何理由让我们对那个社会保持着一丝留恋。那时候的知识界也不高明,确实有些新的探索,但整体而言都还是幼稚的。我不是说幼稚不好,只是说,把‘幼稚’夸张到一种‘范儿’,就有点让人觉得可笑了。 ”

 Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Xi, as a leader of loyalty and honesty with a great sense of duty, has won heartfelt support from the Chinese people, the people have fully expressed their trust in Xi through actions, and China surely will become more prosperous.

 Pakistan is among 26 founding countries of the Boao Forum for Asia, established in 2001. The name Boao comes from a small town of fishermen in Hainan Province in southern China. The Boao Forum has been regularly held in March or April every year since 2002. It is a forum for discussing issues and problems, as well as an exchange of ideas among Asian countries. Usually heads of state, ministers, senior officials, scientists, economists, social activists, politicians and media personnel attend this forum. It is a non-profit organization and was initially only open to Asia-Pacific countries. Today membership has grown from 26 in 2001 to 80, itself a major achievement





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