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 ANKARA -- Turkish parliament on Wednesday approved a motion to extend the ongoing state of emergency for three more months.

 Air pollution in northern China is usually worse in the winter, but this past winter saw unprecedented improvement. Largely due to the policy decision to shift to natural gas for heating and many industrial uses, the average concentration in Beijing of the most hazardous small particulate matter, PM2.5, fell in January by 70 percent year-on-year to 34 micrograms per cubic meter, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau said in a statement. It was the first time the figure was under the national standard safe level of 35, the bureau said. However, recent weeks have seen many days of high air pollution, although coming weeks are forecast to be clear.

 The agency's main tasks are drafting strategic guidelines, plans and policies for foreign aid, coordinating and providing policy advice on major issues, and drafting plans and evaluating foreign aid tasks.

 China's use of natural gas surged by 19 percent in 2017, as areas across northern China switched to this relatively clean fossil fuel and away from highly polluting coal in residential heating and industrial uses, according to data from the former Ministry of Environmental Protection, now called the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

 第四,共同办好2015年中巴友好交流年活动,促进文化、教育、地方、青年、智库、媒体等领域交流。为表彰有关人士和团体为推动中巴友好所作贡献,中方决定向有关巴基斯坦民间人士和团体颁发 “和平共处五项原则友谊奖”。

 从07年开始,何炅老师把工资返还学校至今已是8年多了。我们不知道何炅老师在北外的工资是多少,如果每月是1万元,一年就是12万元,8年多的工资,算下来就是上百万元了,这点钱对于何炅老师不算什么,但对于一般的平民百姓来说,那是巨款啊!众所周知,学校教师的工资来自于财政,我相信何炅老师把工资返还给了北外,可我不怎么相信北外会把这工资退还给财政。何炅老师返还给了学校,这钱就是公款,那么北外对这笔公款是如何使用的 ?纪检部门应去调查一下,一是公众有知情权,给公众一个交待;二是还何炅老师一个清白,别再让网友猜测下去;三是北外也不再为此事处在舆论的漩涡中。





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