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 The statement after the meeting pointed out that the Party's 19th National Congress made new arrangements for maintaining strict discipline, and the eight-point code made five years ago must strictly be followed to ensure that the Party has close links with the people.

 "Exercising full and rigorous governance over the Party is a journey to which there is no end. We should never entertain the idea of taking a breather or halting our steps," he said.

 Through efforts like hosting the first China International Import Expo this year, China is determined to open wider to the world and increase consumption of its fast-growing middle-income group, he said.

 The class did not disappoint, and every Monday morning, 34 students-most older than 60-arrive for class, all wearing white shirts, black trousers and black leather shoes.

 有人厌倦了 ,也有人乐此不疲。所以 ,再怎么审丑疲劳 ,每天打开电脑总能看到那么几条贪腐新闻。看多了 ,其实也能看出一些门道。比如 ,诸多贪腐新闻中 ,一个突出的特点是 ,落马贪官大多在某个领域或某个地域内是个能吏 ,很容易让人恍惚生出“官越能干越容易坏”的感概来。

 Core socialist values should set the tone of the common spiritual home of all ethnic groups, Xi said, adding that they should be nurtured among the people, particularly children and even in kindergartens.





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