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 The two sides should tap potential driving forces so as to upgrade the bilateral trade and economic cooperation to a new level, Wang said.

 Wang Xiaotao, the agency's chief, also attended. He was named the head of theagency, the first of its kind in the country's history, earlier this month.

 Solar photovoltaic generation is also being promoted in rural China to contribute to poverty relief. At least 20 million rural households have installed solar photovoltaic generators.

 The ultra high-voltage power superhighway is efficient in power transmission with low costs. The price of electricity transmitted via it to eastern China can still be 0.1 yuan (2 US cents) lower than locally generated power.

 The China International Development Cooperation Agency was launched on Wednesday in Beijing as a "major measure" to maintain world peace and promote common development, a senior official said.

 State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi told those attending the inauguration ceremony that the agency should uphold the Party's leadership in foreign aid work, enhance strategic planning and overall coordination, improve the ways of unfolding foreign aid and carry out international exchange and cooperation.





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