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 The standard applies to all-levels of English learners from elementary school to university and focuses on students' ability in everyday practical language, broader communication skills and understanding of the culture in English-speaking places.

 TESS scientists expect the mission will catalog thousands of planet candidates and vastly increase the current number of known exoplanets.

 It's a significant change compared with the just a bit over 4 percent the party achieved in the previous election in 2013.

 I discovered that this entrepreneurial spirit is the most contributing factor to their hospitality since when you are in business almost everyone is a potential customer and therefore good behaviour and good relations are indispensable business tools.

 The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced in January the first batch of 490 approved national quality online courses, about 70 percent of which are provided by first-class universities.

 "Awareness of cultural heritage protection needs to be raised among local officials and the public, and manpower of law enforcement in this aspect should be expanded," Chen said. "It is still quite common that the administration is kept in the dark since the parties in charge of preserving heritage sites do not report security accidents."





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