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 "China will consider Gambia's national conditions and characteristics and give full play to the complementarity of our two countries," Li said.

 The Republic of Korea's President Moon Jae-in said it is hoped that China will realize the Chinese Dream early under Xi's leadership and make greater contributions to peace and development in Northeast Asia and the world. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the China-ROK Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, and Moon said he would like to work with Xi to take the bilateral ties to greater maturity and into a new era.

 He called on everyone to stay true to the original aspirations, hold on to the mission and strive to accomplish it.

 While 225 of the cases involved grave robbing, 70 others were related to the theft of historical relics, along with 27 instances of trafficking and 29 associated crimes.

 言论之三:受国外资金支持。在我整个学术生涯中 ,国外资金支持的唯一一项研究是福特基金会资助的珠江三角洲女工状况研究。当时社科院是福特基金会的在华接待单位 ,故资助了一些社科院的研究项目。其他的研究资金全部来自社科院的院级所级项目资助 ,项目均如期高质量完成 ,研究专著有数十部 ,如果认为其中有“大放厥词”的地方 ,恳请一一指出 ,以便答辩。此外 ,呼吁书以惊悚的口吻讲到“受外国资金支持” ,好像它本身已经成为罪名 ,泄露出一种义和团式的颟顸与冥顽不灵。

 Hainan has been promoting rural tourism to invigorate its rural areas and improve the living standards of rural people, Liu said.





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