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 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Xi's election shows that the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China are confident of Xi's brilliant leadership and the grand plan for the future, and he believes that Xi will lead the Chinese nation to achieve great rejuvenation and promote international peace and justice.

 能源 ,由此也成为地缘政治博弈的重要工具。很多次国际经济制裁 ,最核心的往往就是能源制裁 ,被制裁对象的国民经济 ,乃至军事实力 ,因此蒙受了破坏性影响。比如 ,在俄罗斯与乌克兰的争端 ,俄罗斯一掐断天然气供给 ,乌克兰冬天就寒冷难耐 ,依赖俄天然气的欧洲也会提心吊胆。北高丽小兄弟不听话 ,最有效的制裁 ,也是石油断供 ,除非小金同志能在海边打出石油来……

 China is the world's largest investor in artificial intelligence, while cities nationwide are opening innovation incubation centers and shared workspaces alongside plans to build smart, green infrastructure and transport systems.

 在过去几十年 ,由于垄断了世界石油出口的60% ,欧佩克总体上将油价保持在持续上涨的轨道上 ,尤其是一度超过100美元的油价 ,更是让能源出口国赚得盆满钵满 ,进口国则为确保能源安全伤透脑筋。即使是经济雄霸天下的美国 ,有时也不得不看欧佩克的脸色行事;世界老二的中国 ,更是为保障石油供应下足了功夫 ,也没少耗费真金白银。

 This enabled those in Beijing and surrounding areas to enjoy many clear, blue-sky days this past winter, in sharp contrast with the heavy air pollution seen just a year ago.

 Increased use of natural gas is a key part of plans to reach the national priority goals of creating an ecological civilization and higher-quality growth. These goals were stressed at the recent two sessions meetings of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing.





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