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 先汇报一下昨晚凤凰传奇演唱会的盛况(这个词不过分)。2万人座位的广州国际体育演艺中心 ,一线歌手的舞台 ,上一个在这里演唱的是国际天后Katy Perry ,下一个是S.H.E。目前内地歌坛能hold住这么大气场和大体量票房的 ,恐怕只有汪峰、李宇春。而这种规格的巡演 ,凤凰传奇今年要搞20场!

 如果知道有一场地震要发生 ,无论如何 ,董国生会将自己的慰问搞成一次秘而不宣的秘密行动。如果时间可以倒流 ,或许董国生愿意用他夫人数年领取的“空饷”送给徐纯合一家 ,也不愿意让自己的仕途遭遇与徐纯很“同归于尽”的风险。

 习近平同志指出 ,走和平发展道路 ,是我们党根据时代发展潮流和我国根本利益作出的战略抉择。实现中国梦必须有和平国际环境。纵观世界历史 ,依靠武力对外侵略扩张最终都是要失败的。我们要统筹国内国际两个大局 ,夯实走和平发展道路的基础。要走出一条和衷共济、合作共赢的新路子。要把中国机遇转变为世界机遇 ,把世界机遇转变为中国机遇。

 "China contributes more than 30 percent of the world's economic growth, and it is amazing to see China continue to be so open and allow other countries to be a part of its development. President Xi being elected for another term is also a positive sign of China's continued prosperity going into a new era that will be great for the world both in terms of stability and economic development."

 The place where we practice kungfu deserves special mentioning. It is a little “island” in the heart of the city, Xizhimen. A park with a small river where dragon-shaped boats take passengers to the Summer Palace, is an amazing place with Russian spirit. Beijing is known to be home for many Russians, there is the largest Russian district called Yabaolu with many Russian clothing shops and food restaurants. But this place is something different. Tranquil, peaceful, enchanting, the park is hidden from the eyes of many, showing its true beauty only to those who is in pursue of the miracle. On the opposite side of the wushu training spot there is former Soviet Union Exhibition Center, which was renamed into Beijing Exhibition Center after Soviets’ and China Republic’s relations had come into turbulence. The earliest Russian cuisine restaurant “Moscow” was also placed in this picturesque area. Government officials who took office during that period used to have their lunches and dinners there.





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