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 China does speak into this debate from a very different intellectual tradition, one where the key words of harmony and order have a philosophical basis that often vary from that of what can broadly be called the enlightenment tradition of the West. Enlightenment, together with its aftermath – Modernity – as understood by the West, was neither properly "shared" nor it seems that has adequately fulfilled its proposition for a common future. But the logic of globalization should mean we can embrace this new opportunity for hybridity and diversity – and that having more space for Chinese concepts will help, not hinder. We might even call this new era one of global enlightenment, rather than simply talking of enlightenment being something located in the West and its traditions alone. Perhaps this can give way to the idea of reasoning together (instead of a particular Reason) as a form of progress. A common destiny is thus no longer in the hands of one type of civilization, but in the hands of many.

 近读梁实秋 ,觉得这个人不像原来以为的那样不堪 ,往日的印象扭曲是文革中对他的批判 ,以及鲁迅对他这类文人的奚落造成的 。也许在那个战火纷飞的年代 ,他的恬淡和小清新显得过于奢侈吧 ,隐约记得鲁迅称他这类文人为 “帮闲文人” ,不顾人民苦难深重 ,国家摇摇欲坠 ,自己在那里自得其乐 。

 Huang called on efforts to "enhance cultural confidence, be innovative, stick to the correct orientation, place the people at the center of the work and strive for new progress."

 "Thanks to your promotion in person, the Russia-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership is at the highest level in history," Putin said, adding that Russia cherishes the friendship with China, and is willing to work with China to make high-level exchange closer and deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries.

 Go, which originated in ancient China, is a game in which two players take turns placing black and white stones on a 19-by-19 grid of squares to try to control the most territory.

 People in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions shared their belief that President Xi will lead the country to accomplish greater development and the Chinese Dream.





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