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 一直以来,“侠客岛”对中纪委可是青眼有加,前日晚间,“岛君”历数2013年舆论江湖的刀光剑影,为“老王”旗下的门派送上年终盘点――“有一个新门派――中纪委官网,异军突起,而且一路飘红,形势看涨”:“从去年9月上线以来,第二个月的点击量就达到3000万 。2014年3月,总访问量达到2.3亿次,日均访问量超过120万次,峰值达到600万次 。而半年多过去,这个数值肯定又是相当可观,可以说分分秒杀其他政务类网站 。”

 The move towards "capsule hotel" or "pod hostel" accommodation, which first emerged in some of Asia's largest cities, meets the demand for accommodation in high-density urban areas.

 Unit 731 was a top-secret biological and chemical warfare research base established in Harbin in 1935 as the nerve center of Japanese biological warfare in China and Southeast Asia during World War II.

 As adventurous as I could be in patrolling the streets of Guangzhou, I had to contend with the weather which seemed to continually blow hot air like a breathe of fury.

 President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the closing meeting of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) Tuesday morning. Let's take a look at what foreign ambassadors and NPC deputies said about Xi's speech.

 But Alan surprised me. Out came a diffuser hairdryer and mousse and Alan proceeded to dry my hair into a passably curly, if a little frizzy, style. And the cut looked good too, a side-parted graduated bob-type affair.





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