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 The names of those working at the headquarters of the notorious unit, as well as their ranks and other information including their addresses and family members, are disclosed on the list, which is dated Jan 1, 1945.

 而在精英层面,也远未能形成超越个人和小团体既得利益的改革共识。洛克菲勒呼吁对托拉斯立法,巴菲特建议对富人多征税,麦凯恩提出法案加强对政治献金的规管,这些从统治阶级整体利益出发、愿意在一定程度上牺牲个人利益的远见卓识,在中国的精英阶层里很难看到。更多的时候,我们看到的是利益面前的寸步不让,对民众的巧取豪夺和 “我之后那怕洪水滔天”的不管不顾。从收入分配制度改革到官员财产申报,一系列缓和社会矛盾、惠及普通民众的改革措施,均在既得利益阶层的阻挠下迟迟不能出台;而一些维护既得利益的措施却往往能在民众的抗议声中畅行无阻。精英道德水准的下降和 “先天下之忧而忧”意识的淡漠,不但折损了自身的形象,也导致了改革的污名化和民众的激进。

 The campaign will examine the regulations in this field adopted in the last 40 years, said the circular jointly issued by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission.

 "I would have to say two things stick out as the most memorable: the helicopter ride and talking with the staff at the hotel about how they organize weddings here in China," he said.

 President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, said in a report delivered at the 19th CPC National Congress in October that China will increase aid to developing countries, especially the least-developed countries.

 Core socialist values should set the tone of the common spiritual home of all ethnic groups, Xi said, adding that they should be nurtured among the people, particularly children and even in kindergartens.





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