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 "The reform to create a Ministry of Ecological Environment and a Ministry of Natural Resources with expanded regulatory powers seems intended to centralize environmental protection authority, reducing fragmentation and turf battles among disparate agencies," he said.

 披露不是来的太凶猛,而是出现的太晚了,新晋的兰州大学新闻学院院长@林治波要带头鼓掌:“辽宁日报做得对!这些年来,在和平演变背景下,许多教师公知化,唯美国马首是瞻,把自己祖国说得一无是处、一团漆黑,严重误导学生 。有人诡辩说,批评是爱国的表现,问题是他们的所为不是善意批评,而是恶意抹黑 。这是两码事 。”

 Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, stressed on Wednesday the importance of improving the economy’s structure and developing the real economy as the country is in a crucial period of upgrading the driving force of its economic growth.

 He stressed the importance of promoting scientific innovation, attracting top-level scientific talent from both home and abroad, supporting innovation by small and medium-sized companies and cultivating more innovative companies that develop and own their own intellectual property and focus on core competitiveness.

 作为一个国际化大都市,北京未来必将承担更多的类似使命,如何在会议保障与市民便利之间寻求一种最佳状态,并不容易 。

 With the national emblem hung up high in an auditorium inside the Great Hall of the People, everybody stood and a hard copy of the Constitution was brought to the stage by honor guards as the ceremony started at around 10:49 a.m.





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