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 Six Saudi archeologists will work with the Chinese staff at the Saudi port ruins on the Red Sea for 20 days, the administration said.

 2003年到2014年 ,过去十年持有F1签证在美国的高中中国籍学生增长60多倍 ,这个数据还是很惊人的 ,而且留学低龄化比较明显 ,而且读本科的数量也很多 ,这就说明一个问题 ,中国人是重视国际教育而且是有需求的 ,既然这样我们为什么不在推动中国教育的发展 ,留住这样的生源?比如我们可以发展中外合作办学 ,像宁波诺丁汉、上海纽约大学等等这样的学校可以更多的在中国遍地开花 ,可以留住一部分的孩子 ,把中国的高等教育国际化程度提升。

 2016年 ,美国霍华德·休斯医学研究所(HHMI)资助的研究机构Janelia Research Campus创立10周年 ,最近Janelia 进行了十周年的内部评审工作 ,在这次庆典讨论会上 ,建所元勋们讲述了在创所初期 ,如何从贝尔实验室、欧洲分子生物学实验室(EMBL)以及剑桥大学分子生物学实验室(MRC-LMB)等一系列在科学领域做出杰出贡献的研究机构那里 ,总结并提炼出最有益科研的理念 ,它们已成为Janelia核心价值观的一部分。创建者们的考察工作之细 ,有时让人为之钦佩 ,例如选址方面 ,参考了位置偏僻的英国桑格研究所(Sanger Institute)的做法 ,它所秉持的理念是“Isolation can support focus” (地偏心自远) 。

 BEIJING -- China will send five archeologists to Saudi Arabia Monday for the excavation of the ruins of al Serrian, according to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

 The second direction is simply an acceptance that China now has a responsibility to frame a common language to deal with issues like environmental ones, global governance, security. The forces of protectionism and isolationism that we have seen in the US and EU in the last few years, and which can be traced back to the shock of the global economic crisis of 2008 and its impact on wealth levels, equality and social development, pull in a different way to those that are likely to best be able to address common problems. It seems that in many places there is an attempt to draw boundaries more tightly, to walk away from even trying to think in an international way, and to complain that the global agenda is no longer one that entirely suits the partners that used to be so keen on it.

 Third, Chinese diplomatic and consular missions around the world will slash consular legalization fees as much as two-thirds starting Friday, to save Chinese citizens and businesses more than 10 million yuan every year.





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