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 “It now seems likely that early modern humans were in southern China about 100,000 years ago, ” said Professor Chris Stringer, who researches human origins at the Natural History Museum in London.

 "It has made the largest leap among the top 10 economies, which in turn are supported by strong and stable financial markets," says the report. It attributes the large leap to the mainland's physical infrastructure and healthy level of competition and openness, which it says ensure efficient markets.

 "These are countries we have seen strengthen their trade and investment relations with China over the recent past, particularly in the infrastructure sector. I am sure that the expansion and modernization projects that have recently been completed have ultimately improved the region's attractiveness to foreign direct investment," says Robert Kagiri, director for the Centre for Strategy and Policy Management at the Africa Policy Institute, an economic policy think-tank based in Kenya.

 The discovery of an 88,000-year-old human finger bone at the Al Wusta archaeological site in the Nefud Desert, Saudi Arabia, has turned this idea on its head. The age of the fossil suggests an earlier migration from Africa into Eurasia - a theory supported by other archaeological discoveries made in China that were previously met with skepticism.

 这样的反驳有因可觅 ,因为 ,就在昨日 ,署名为“麦姐 ”之文《为什么不支持人贩子一律死刑》 ,也曾一度占据朋友圈的半壁江山 ,与呼吁死刑之论正面交锋:“我为什么不支持人贩子一律死刑?首先 ,因为我国现有法律中对‘故意杀人罪’及‘拐卖妇女、儿童罪’均有明晰的法律界定和量刑标准…其次 ,如果轻罪重罪刑罚一样重 ,那犯下轻罪的人会为了掩盖自己的轻罪而不惜犯下更可怕的罪行。 ”

 In a series of events organized by the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, China's diplomats and business representatives exchanged thoughts and had provocative discussions about the issues, hoping some consensus could be reached through a clash of ideas and heated debates.





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