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 In fact, the presence of 2,000 US troops in Syria is also illegal under international law and the UN Charter because the sovereign Syrian government has never authorized it.

 With the technology, a latest development of Hainan PPK Information Technology Co Ltd, customers can easily distinguish the authenticity of goods by scanning the two-dimensional barcode on an item with their mobile phones and uploading the data to a cloud database. Customers will get a message as to whether the goods are authentic or fake.

 European Union regulators are searching for ways to recycle more plastic, as waste piles up in ports after China's foreign garbage import ban, according to Reuters.

 It's hard to explain why the US, Britain and France, which launched more than 100 cruise missiles at Syria on Friday, could not wait for the OPCW team to start and finish its investigation.

 Another area of great interest to Mackerras has been China's ethnic groups, which he has written about extensively. In particular, he has taken a great interest in the Uygurs in Northwest China.

 The vote to renew the Italian parliament in Sunday proved one of the most divisive and uncertain elections in years for the country.





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