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 In China, civil-military integration has become a national strategy and a priority on the leadership's agenda since Xi was elected top Party leader in late 2012.

 During the discussion, eight lawmakers gave their advice on issues including speeding up the construction of a modern economic system, the development of the internet economy, industrial innovation, the education of migrant workers’ children and military-civil integration. Xi listened carefully to the suggestions and exchanged views with the deputies.

 It is not hard to conclude that having nuclear weapons and massive conventional arsenals is a major reason that the US has not dared to strike or invade DPRK so far.

 会说话 ,因为她曾是英语老师。她坐在椅子上 ,总是笔挺挺的 ,说话声音清脆 ,有逻辑 ,绝不是一个浮夸的地方官 ,如果不知道她以前的学历 ,还以为她是个名牌大学毕业的。她也会向岛君谈到认识很多香港的富豪、北京的大官 ,但话语间 ,却没有让人感到她是在炫耀 ,虽然这些富豪和大官的确都和她有着各种各样的工作关系。

 The airstrikes against Syria conducted by the United States, Britain and France on Friday for the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government may not signal a full invasion like the Iraq War in 2003, but the situation bears much resemblance.

 Additionally, 61.4 percent of respondents called for the establishment of industry standards and rules, such as more specific and strict criteria for the job.





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