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 Wang reiterated that the return of Chinese companies to Libya is linked to improved security situation, noting that Beijing will encourage Chinese companies to return as soon as Libya regains stability.

 This is much needed, because even though it upholds the principles of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefits and win-win results in providing foreign assistance, the lack of information about its aid has left room for suspicions to be raised about its motives. Some critics in the West accuse it of being a “rogue donor”, claiming it uses aid to support authoritarian regimes in return for access to their countries’ natural resources

 A research team, jointly led by Yan Xiyun from the Institute of Biophysics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Gao Lizeng from Yangzhou University, has for the first time developed a strategy to coordinate nanozymes to target tumor cells and selectively kill tumors. Their findings were published in Nature Communications last week.



 Over the past five years, the CPPCC has received 29,378 proposals, and 23,975 of them were accepted and filed, said Wan Gang, vice-chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, on Saturday while giving a work report on the proposals.





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