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 A microchip that stores all the names collected before April 27 of this year would be installed on the mission, "and your name will go along for the ride," according to a NASA online statement.

 This year the theme of the forum is “An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity”, a pertinent and timely one. Asia is becoming a region of more integrated countries forging partnerships in diverse fields, including the economy, environment, trade, technology, education, energy and ecology. In these circumstances “Openness and Innovation” are even more relevant. BFA is a platform, where leaders, thinkers and experts from all walks of life are under one roof. One can expect many solutions and opportunities for Asian countries from this forum. It is expected more than 2,000 delegates will attend.

 先是打虎王书记在中纪委全会上爆了一句话, “有的领导干部楷书没写好,就直接奔行草,还敢裱了送人”,炮轰这些协会 “官气”太重;之后,又是外媒消息,说中国即将在文艺界展开反弹,整肃利用文艺手段利益输送的现象;再到昨天,人民日报旗下公号 “一撇一捺”更是连发两篇文章,批评领导干部在 “名为兼职,实受雅贿”。

 像这样因无法忍受 “选举车”声音而冲到车前抗议的人还真不在少数。2012年,大阪两名日本民众因觉得自己的生活被 “选举车”噪音打乱,先是靠近一名正在路边演说的候选者的身边,对着他的麦克风大喊: “吵死了!闭嘴!”之后,又跑到另一个候选人所在的区域,打开 “选举车”后门向里面撒尿。


 "The dramatic improvement in air quality mainly resulted from effective and tougher controls on emissions and advantageous weather to disperse pollutants," said Li Xiang, director of air quality management at the capital's Environmental Protection Bureau. Restrictions covered many sources, such as factories, vehicles and the burning of coal, she said, adding that more than 11,000 polluting companies were closed or moved.





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