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 Other major tasks to ensure the growth model transformation include developing the real economy, preventing systemic risks and improving people's livelihood, he said.

 He has made a number of public comments related to Chinese football to express his support and has high hopes for the national team.

 That prompted the administration to introduce regulations requiring real-name registration of drones weighing more than 250 grams. As of March this year, more than 180,000 drones in civilian use had been registered under real names.

 During his first year in office, Trump did not back down from his threat to punish China with tariffs, but neither did he put it into practice. His initial priorities were domestic policies such as abolishing “Obamacare” (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act implemented by former US president Barack Obama), and introducing tax reform, while foreign policy was dominated by the threat of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s nuclear program and continuing wars in the Middle East. In addition, his top advisers were broadly against trade protectionism.

 Economists and analysts also expect more reform measures to be disclosed during the National People's Congress, set to start on Monday, when the government will present its key economic policy directions and targets for 2018.

 People across the Straits are like family members, and the mainland side would like to share developmental opportunities with the people of Taiwan, Xi said.





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