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 The decision from the meeting says talent evaluation and skills assessment mechanisms will be refined, with professional capabilities as the criteria. Income distribution methods for technical workers will be formulated with a focus on their skills and achievements in innovation to encourage skills-based wealth creation and income increases. An investment process contributed by the government, businesses and society will be established to provide more financial support for professional skills training.

 "Skilled workers should be duly remunerated and held in high esteem by the general public," he said.

 虽是抄袭,庄羽当年能打赢那场官司,仍然要感谢国家,或者该感谢上帝――因为,只是,命好。据说庄羽换了三个律师,为啥 ?因为律师们纷纷表示不乐观,在中国,知识产权的维权官司不好打,你觉得自己被抄袭了得自己举证,如果抄袭稍微耍点小聪明,举证就有难度。这个官司拖了庄羽三年时间。好多人拖不起,拖得起也未必赢得了。

 Besides, Jiangsu will also support NPU to set up its campus in Taicang, which will be incorporated into Jiangsu Provincial higher education development plan for its organization and implementation.

 In line with the agreement inked on April 9, Jiangsu will support NPU to construct its research institute in Yangtze River Delta in Taicang to bring in the NPU's quality scientific research and educational resources and give full play to local economic advantages, with an aim to improve the output level of the Research Institute in Yangtze River Delta and create high-level scientific innovation growth poles.






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