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 State Grid Corp of China, the country's top power distributor, has achieved success in power connection in countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and eyes further inroads in the future, said Shu Yinbiao, chairman of the State Grid, on Thursday.

 "When Han asked me to come and help improve the level of her class, I promised without hesitation, as I hope I can share my experiences with those who are interested in fashion," she said.

 As introduced by the mayor, Sanya, at the southern tip of Hainan island, receives an average of 20 million tourists each year and during the past Spring Festival, from Feb 15-21, it received more than one million people.

 Qi explained how Zhang Qiyue, consul general of China in New York, wrote in a letter to David Oh, a Philadelphia city councilman who had written an official city apology over the incident, that it will not affect cultural exchanges between China and the US.

 Shu said the firm's ultra high-voltage project in Brazil has played an important role in Brazil's power connections and has helped 22 million local people access electricity.

 "China is competitive in electricity equipment, technology and management and will help the world in electricity supply and energy transformation in the future," he said.





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