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 China will play a more active role to meet international expectations and approach global governance on the basis of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, he said.

 The excavation will be conducted with the aid of high technologies, including aerial photo by drones, digital surveys and mapping, 3D modeling.

 "China will not move anyone's 'cheese,'" Wang said, "China and LAC are helping and supporting each other as fellow developing countries."

 先说美国这边 ,尽管奥巴马宣布了一系列缓和关系的措施 ,诸如放松旅游、汇款、出口等方面的限制 ,但是横亘在两国关系面前的 ,是好几部经过国会通过的法案 ,诸如托里切利法 ,赫尔姆斯-伯顿法 ,这些具有法律效力的文件 ,可比总统的讲话有力量的多。

 It is a correct choice and an "overriding and unstoppable" trend for countries to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establish relations with the government of the People's Republic of China, the sole legal representative of the whole China.

 This is an epistemic challenge, as much as a political or economic ones. For those in traditions outside of China, the key thing is to establish a posture that is open minded, tolerant, and inquisitive, and wants to hear more about what Chinese perspectives on global commons are. There is no 'ownership' of global issues, beyond the fact that they belong to everyone. So Chinese contributions to this debate, in and of themselves, validate and enrich it. No Chinese voice means no properly global discussion. We are all just learning how to speak a new language, but hopefully one that is more appropriate and efficient.





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