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 行政诉讼中原告一方的“胜诉率”,成为一项衡量司法运行状况的“关键指标”,也确实是中国行政诉讼的特殊性所在了 。行政诉讼“立案难、胜诉难、执行难”等三大难问题,其中的“胜诉难”成为问题,也诠释了这种特殊性 。但是,各地胜诉率的不同,其实并不可简单对比,因为各地所面临的种种影响胜诉率的因素也不尽相同,难以用胜诉率这一“指标”真正进行比较 。

 The term "head-of-state diplomacy" was mentioned by Xi as he hosted visiting President Donald Trump of the United States in November.

 When the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, China had a weak medical and health system due to low levels of development in its economy and society. The nation had only 3,670 medical and health institutions, 541,000 health workers and 85,000 beds at health institutions. The average life expectancy was 35 years. To change this situation, the government devoted great efforts to developing the medical and health services, and implemented guidelines which stipulated that the health services were to serve vast majority of the people, that prevention should be stressed, that both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) should be utilized, and that health promotion and people's involvement should be incorporated. The people were mobilized to carry out health promotion programs, and basic knowledge about healthcare was widely spread. All this greatly enhanced the people's health, and major breakthroughs were made in medical sciences. Chlamydia trachomatis was identified for the first time by Chinese scientists; Chinese doctors performed the world's first replantation of a severed limb; and artemisinin, an effective cure for malaria, was extracted in a Chinese laboratory.

 The maker of China's bestselling unmanned combat aircraft is ready to market some of its killer drones for civilian commercial use.

 【环球网综合报道记者李柏涛】台湾媒体报道,台“陆委会”25日晚间表示,“陆委会主委”王郁琦25日下午在国民党中常会报告时,并未发表“乐意积极推动马英九出访大陆”的相关言论 。同时强调马英九若访陆,绝对会用“中华民国总统”身份,而不会以国民党主席这样的做法 。

 马文革等5名新任吕梁市委常委的官员,成为一个观察样本 。现任吕梁市委常委、孝义市委书记马文革,此前是山西省委政策研究室副主任,不管干部不管经济 。作为副厅级官员,他只有两年副县长挂职经历,其他时间均在媒体或省委机关工作 。





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