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 Globalization, the historic process which has brought different countries and peoples closer over the past two centuries, is now under attack and regarded with growing doubts. Isolationism is rising, along with trade protectionism and economic chauvinism.

 这两所喜欢互称 “隔壁”的高校,互为镜像,镜子内外的差异没有传说中那么大 。就像这次招生水平的打架水平一样,它们的境界也不相上下 。但凡学校层面的能上新闻的事情,都没几件会让自己学生感到骄傲的 。学生的愤怒只在于,自己的学校只能自己黑 。

 If that is true, then the question is why so many Chinese and Koreans still feel strongly that the Japanese apologies have never been sincere or accepted. It's not just because Japanese politicians often use half-hearted words, such as regret, when they should be condemning the atrocities, but also what Japan has done and is doing, such as revising the history of WWII in its textbooks.

 No wonder Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday reminded Japan to "honestly live up" to its role in the horrible events of the 20th century. He said only on the basis of this honest accounting is it possible to build a future with former foes, a conviction Germany has taken to heart.

 Despite challenges, Chinese executives remained optimistic about the promise of innovation and emerging technologies.

 On the first anniversary of his premiership on Dec 26, Abe chose to visit the Yasukuni Shrine, where 14 notorious Class-A WWII war criminals are enshrined. It was the first such visit by a sitting Japanese prime minister in seven years.





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