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 玛德琳・奥尔布赖特(Madeleine Albright) ,美国第64任国务卿

 Cao Li, professor of English language and American Literature at Tsinghua University, said establishing unified standards of English proficiency in China will help promote communication and mutual recognition among the creators of various English tests in China and those that are better-known globally, such as IELTS and Toefl tests.

 不管是企业还是个人 ,对待捐赠和奉献爱心都必须遵守一个前提 ,那就是量力而行。因为向社会奉献爱心是企业的责任 ,更是一种义务。如果为了“面子好看”不惜危及企业的正常经营 ,甚至停产或倒闭而“将错就错” ,那不仅很愚蠢 ,更失去了爱心捐赠的意义了。从这点来说 ,这家企业要求退回15万的捐款不仅没有错 ,而更是一种实事求是。公司原计划捐赠2万 ,受这场风波的影响 ,将原来的2万提高到5万 ,推高了两倍半 ,因此 ,他们的爱心不仅没有打折 ,反而爱心更大 ,情谊更浓 ,捐赠更真挚了。

 Shen Xiaoming, governor of Hainan, said the province will continue to take advantage of the forum, launched in 2001 and known as the Asian Davos, and other exchange platforms such as the Roundtable Meeting on China-Africa Cooperation, to seek new opportunities for development and to better serve the general diplomacy of the nation.

 Xiong Bingqi, vice-president of the Beijing-based 21st Century Education Research Institute, said: "The scale will be helpful in unifying various kinds of English tests in China that have different standards and also in clarifying the educational objectives of English education in China."

 After the 2018 Government Work Report was delivered to the first session of the 13th National People's Congress, ministries elaborated on key points related to China's economy at news conferences on the sidelines of the annual session of the NPC.





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