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 一个自己屁股上有屎的官员,却把屎盆子都扣到网络身上,称 “网络比文革大字报更险恶”,是一些官员面对网络监督时常用的伎俩 。刘铁男面对网络指控时用过,宋林面对网络举报时用过,可最终都在较量中倒下 。网络确实有很多问题,而且问题很严重,造谣、诽谤、恶意攻击甚嚣尘上,有时候也确实 “比文革大字报更险恶”,但网络也有正能量的一面,在舆论监督中扮演很重要角色 。一些官员常常用 “网络存在问题”去否定和拒绝网络监督,用 “网络存在造谣现象”将任何一种指向自身的曝光都污名化为造谣 。

 无论 “字因人贵”还是 “字因人贱”,都不正常,都遮蔽了书法的真实水平 。问题是,从古至今,但凡掌握一定权力的人,哪怕字如蟹爬,但总不缺恭维声,更不缺假装迎合、甘于高价求字者 。哪怕此人写得如狗屎,也被下属啧啧称香 。趋炎附势者,涌满门庭 。网上曾流传一张王立军秀书法的照片,刚写完字的王立军昂首挺胸,顾盼自雄,从徐明到赵本山,从雷政富到小沈阳,围观者几乎无不一脸谄媚 。王立军的字真的好吗?真的好到令人佩服到五体投地的地步?

 "Youth are no longer merely onlookers when it comes to environmental action, nor should they be. I will spare no effort to do everything I can to take care of our earth, and I invite everyone to join me in generating a wave of positive action," he added. The 18-year old performer has amassed more than 40 million followers on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like platform. Both in China and the rest of Southeast Asia, Wang has been one of key voices in the online conversation on the environment.

 The 6.5 percent growth target set in this year's government work report is "attainable" through hard works, said He, citing China's economic momentum, resilience, sustainability and market potential.

 A declassified list released in January still obscured some of the information of the unit's personnel.

 Abe said that he eagerly expects and welcomes Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to visit Japan and to attend the trilateral leaders' summit between Japan, China and South Korea, and expects that the Belt and Road construction could help the recovery and development of regional economy.





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