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 After the first stage, I ask them some questions about a picture with no words. They are nervous, shy and some freeze and need to be crank started or come back later. Maybe some have not talked to a foreigner and are very shy. Most didn't know the answers because they learn by rote. And they are amazing as to what they can memorise. In that confusion of question time we have to say "that's all" and some knew they were finished. But for most we had to say "bye bye" with matching hand waving for them to realise they could go. Many long goodbyes were had.

 Happiness comes with hard work. If Chinese people hold the spirit of working hard, we can achieve the goal of creating a better life, said Xi.

 在那之后,中国变了,逐渐进入一个看似不正常实则很正常的时代――中国人再次确认,我们创造的一个个新时代都是失败的,我们真正要做的是回到从前――那就是,一切向钱看 。一个叫做“商品经济”东西,悄然地出现在中学生的政治课本上――数年后,这个词汇,被改写成社会主义市场经济 。从此,诗歌,这个东西,彻底在文坛上被边缘化,不,整个文坛,也被边缘化了 。作家张贤亮迅速准确地把握到了时代的脉搏,从文人变身为商人,不久成为中国最有钱的作家 。

 一贯对政府持批评态度的《公民报》7月14日发表了记者Mkinga采写的报道,用了一个不吝褒扬的标题:马古富力是最好的执政党党首 。该报另一位记者Mbashiru也用了一个带有善意的标题:革命党选择马古富力将扭转颓势 。他写的第一句话就是:马古富力当选为革命党总统候选人能够有效弥合党内分歧,有效维护党的团结 。

 "The addition establishes their guiding status in the country's political and social life, reflects common aspirations of people of all ethnic groups, embodies the unity in the Party's advocacy and people's will, and makes clear the common ideological foundation for the entire Party and all the Chinese people to strive for national rejuvenation," read the document.

 人民日报党建周刊今日整版加持,既说数据,又做解读:“6月29日,中央组织部对外发布2014年中国共产党党内统计公报,最新党内统计主要数据新鲜出炉:截至2014年底,中国共产党党员总数为8779.3万名,比上年净增110.7万名,增幅为1.3%;中国共产党现有基层组织436.0万个,比上年增加5.6万个,增幅为1.3% 。其中基层党委20.9万个,总支部27.1万个,支部388.0万个 。”





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