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 违规挖坑尚在舆论承受范围之内 ,被京华时报曝出的猛料还在后头: “据了解 ,2010年4月 ,李宝俊购买了93号院5间西房的产权。多名附近的居民称...2010年10月份 ,该院曾发生3名工人身亡事件。据新京报2010年10月7日报道 ,10月6日 ,德内大街93号院 ,一名工人在地基井下作业时昏迷 ,两工友先后下井营救 ,全部被困。经抢救无效 ,三人均身亡。”

 Before it was upgraded to a province in 1988, about 80 percent of its grain and animal husbandry products was supplied from outside. But it is now becoming the country's biggest fruit and vegetable producer in the winter, contributing 4.8 million metric tons of vegetables to the domestic market last year.

 The 733-hectare Lingshui modern agriculture demonstration zone on the east coast, launched in 2015, has played an active role in showcasing the importance of technology in farming. A vertical farming system introduced from Singapore can now produce 27.5 tons of vegetables per mu (0.066 hectare) a year versus output from traditional farming of just 4 tons.

 The Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court sentenced Yao Yuzhong to death with a two-year reprieve. Yao was convicted for a series of tomb thefts, robberies and reselling cultural relics.

 特朗普最热衷于谈论的 ,还有他的财富。 “我很有钱”已经成为了他的口头禅。这样无耻的炫富乍看起来不但没有品味 ,更是无脑的策略――如果炫富的确是竞选策略而不是特朗普自我陶醉的天然流露。可事实是 ,炫富对很多民主党选民来说 ,不但不失风雅 ,看起来还有很强的吸引力。

 Foreign Minister Wang Yi has held a press conference on China's foreign policy and external relations on the sidelines of the annual session of the National People's Congress in Beijing, March 8, 2018.





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