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 Wong Yuk-Shan, an NPC deputy and president of the Open University of Hong Kong, said he noticed that Xi's words about the Taiwan question "garnered the most long-lasting applause from the legislators".

 RIYADH -- Saudi Arabia launched on Wednesday its first cinema complex in Riyadh with the Black Panther movie, after 35 years of a ban on cinema theatres.

 Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri, United Arab Emirates ambassador to China, said it is amazing to see that China, which contributes more than 30 percent of the world's economic growth, continues to be so open and allows other countries to be a part of its development.

 一讲“充公” ,很多网友便“呵呵”了。笑的不是古戏里唱的“权待他鹬蚌相持俱毙日 ,也等咱渔人含笑再中兴” ,而是这官司中各种“怎么证明你爸是你爸”式的悖论。法院认为 ,7年前购得此房的詹某虽然是现房主 ,且发掘了银元 ,但对银元不享有所有权。而汪某仅能确认汪大爷是屋子的原住户及所有者 ,却不能确认汪大爷或汪大爷父亲系银元实际埋藏者;即便有充分证据证实银元属于汪大爷的遗产 ,但汪某也不能证实对汪大爷的遗产享有法定继承权。所以 ,这“袁大头”也不能归汪某。

 The researchers photographed the documents they found and brought the pictures to China. After translating the documents, they will continue their research and raise public awareness, Liu said.

 "I believe Hong Kong citizens should learn more about the country's laws as well as better participate in the steps to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," he added.





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