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 CHANGSHA-Hauling garbage has become Shi Chengfu's hobby. The more he carries, the happier he is. For the past half-century, the shoulder pole was the 90-year-old Shi's primary tool for carrying heavy loads. These days, with an influx of tourists-and their trash-to his family's restaurant, he now uses the pole to transport rubbish bins to a nearby disposal site.

 Mackerras found the whole experience in China challenging in the early days. "But I got to love the place and that love has never left me."

 After definitive results were announced, political negotiations will be needed in order to see if a majority in both lower house and senate can be formed. The process, brokered by Italian president Sergio Mattarella, might take weeks.

 It is hoped that dog owners always keep their dogs on the leash when in public, clean up their dog poo, stop their dogs barking incessantly, never take their dogs into shops and supermarkets as that is against public health laws, and most certainly, never take their dogs onboard the plane, even as though one airline permits that!

 MILAN - Italy's rightwing, anti-immigrant League party, on Monday hailed an unprecedented result scored in general elections held on Sunday.

 He confirmed the League's political path would remain within the center-right, dismissing any chance of a possible alliance with populist M5S to form a government.





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