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 China will carry out a more stringent intellectual property protection system to reinforce IP protection, the head of IPR watchdog said on Tuesday.

 China will move forward with a lifelong professional skills training system as part of its efforts to improve the competence of the nation's workforce and boost high-quality development, those at a State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Wednesday.

 China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics is the country's largest military drone exporter by the number of products sold overseas. Aircraft from its CH series have been sold to militaries in more than 10 countries, making it the largest drone family the country has exported, according to the academy.

 On Tuesday, Lyu was honored by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee as a "model of the era" at a ceremony in Beijing organized by China Central Television, the State broadcaster. His family was present to accept the award.

 “人情往来 ”是陷阱 ,为官者不可不慎 。面对纷繁的物质利益 ,要做到君子之交淡如水 ,正如习近平总书记指出的 ,“官 ”“商 ”交往要有道 ,不要勾肩搭背、不分彼此 ,要划出公私分明的界限 。公务人员和领导干部 ,要守住底线 ,“心中要有敬畏 ,知道什么是高压线 ,想都不要想 ,一触即跳 ,才能守得住底线 。 ”

 More training sessions on employment and entrepreneurship will be made available to college graduates and young migrant workers. Professional skills training will be better incorporated with certificate programs.





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