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 在一片喧嚣声中,也有有意要戳穿当局者心境之人:“如今的双11,相比光棍节而言,在这天,人们如果没有在网上买点什么,会觉得若有所失,生活不完整。在网络中,在购物中,我们成为一个巨大狂欢队伍的一份子,拥有了一份令人自信的归属感.。。因此,双11的购物行为,其意义早已不在得到某件特定物品,而更多像圣诞节的狂欢、春节家庭团圆一样,成了人们寻找存在意义的路径。 ”

 Li Cuizhi, an NPC deputy and director of the quality monitoring center at Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co, said Xi's emphasis on higher-quality growth has set the direction for the company's development.

 China will play a more active role to meet international expectations and approach global governance on the basis of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, he said.

 China does speak into this debate from a very different intellectual tradition, one where the key words of harmony and order have a philosophical basis that often vary from that of what can broadly be called the enlightenment tradition of the West. Enlightenment, together with its aftermath – Modernity – as understood by the West, was neither properly "shared" nor it seems that has adequately fulfilled its proposition for a common future. But the logic of globalization should mean we can embrace this new opportunity for hybridity and diversity – and that having more space for Chinese concepts will help, not hinder. We might even call this new era one of global enlightenment, rather than simply talking of enlightenment being something located in the West and its traditions alone. Perhaps this can give way to the idea of reasoning together (instead of a particular Reason) as a form of progress. A common destiny is thus no longer in the hands of one type of civilization, but in the hands of many.


 中阿共建“一带一路 ”,应该依托并增进中阿传统友谊。民心相通是“一带一路 ”建设的重要内容,也是关键基础。我在这里宣布,中阿双方决定把2014年和2015年定为中阿友好年,并在这一框架内举办一系列友好交流活动。我们也愿意同阿方扩大互办艺术节等文化交流活动规模,鼓励更多青年学生赴对方国家留学或交流,加强旅游、航空、新闻出版等领域合作。





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