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 In taking the China Daily survey, acknowledging China's greatest accomplishments over the past 5 years, I'm reminded of what I believe is China's greatest accomplishment. Especially as I see so many things in West unraveling and regressing, China has stepped up as the global leader for the world. China's greatest accomplishment is the global example of true leadership that it is showing, to the world.

 The inclusion of Xi Jinping Thought and the Scientific Outlook on Development ensures that the country's guiding theories will advance with the times, Shen added.

 Many civilians and prisoners of war from China, the Soviet Union, the Korean Peninsula and Mongolia perished at the hands of Japanese scientists. Some of them were children.

 "There is a large number of historical documents in the US on germ warfare. The huge quantity of information and complex content can help strengthen the research," Liu said. "And in recent years, more experts on the subject have emerged in the country and provided some valued academic works."

 Visitors to CODE Pod Hostel from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong accounted for the highest number of guests after British visitors, overtaking the USA, who held the number 2 spot in 2016. Bookings from Asia as a whole represented 26 percent of total visitors, well ahead of the UK's 23 percent.

 在中科院某研究所攻读博士的黄丰告诉@一图观政(微信号P100017) ,对于就业城市的选择自己早就想清楚了。“家乡要学物理的博士干嘛?学这个专业读硕博时就注定了不会选择回家工作了。”在黄丰的职业规划中 ,除了出国和创业 ,还有一条路是在家乡开设研发中心。黄丰表示这样想完全是想给家乡出点力。





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