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 Core socialist values should set the tone of the common spiritual home of all ethnic groups, Xi said, adding that they should be nurtured among the people, particularly children and even in kindergartens.

 日本的专家们很是看好这种还处在实验阶段的跨代同居 ,认为这是一种适合日本社会发展的值得提倡的新的生活模式。日本大学副教授久保田裕之说:“这种跨代同居 ,对老年人的大脑也是种新鲜的刺激 ,能有助于老年人生活自理 ,延缓衰老。”

 Beyond drawing attention to wildlife, he called upon his followers to pledge to reduce their e-waste, with the hashtag #beatpollution. Within 24 hours, his request was reposted 1.67 million times and more than 400,000 people signed the pledge.

 "The confidence the Chinese people have in the people's congress system derives from their confidence in the strong leadership of the Party and in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics," he said.

 This newly discovered specimen comes from the amber area of the Okanagan Valley in Kachin, north of Myanmar. Due to miners’ negligence or natural weathering, this specimen eroded along the coronal plane, lost part of its flesh and became thinner. Therefore, it was nicknamed “‘Pancake Bird”.

 He said that President Xi Jinping works as the chief architect of China's diplomacy and is involved in planning and conducting head of state diplomacy.





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