qq三国80.90 :北京将在高速路严重拥堵时引导车辆分流

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 多家日本媒体30日报道称 ,今年12月中旬 ,两艘一直在钓鱼岛以北200公里处 “常驻”的中国军舰 “突然掉头” ,向钓鱼岛开进 ,最近处距离钓鱼岛海岸仅70公里。《朝日新闻》称 ,据中国军方人士透露 ,2012年9月后 ,中共党内成立了专门负责东海和南海问题的 “党中央海洋权益工作指导小组” ,直接指示军舰、监视船的行动。 “中国最高领导人等军政高官均是该小组成员 ,通过无线电、电视电话等直接和军舰现场联系 ,发出指示 ,目的是及时传达高层意向 ,更高效地展开监视活动。”

 In addition to the election of a new state leadership and leadership of the CPPCC National Committee, important proposals such as constitutional amendment and a draft supervision law were discussed while a new round of institutional restructuring of the State Council has started, he added.

 Xi told May that the alleged chemical attack in Syria needs a comprehensive, just and objective investigation, whose results should withstand the test of history, so as to solve the Syrian crisis through political means as soon as possible.

 Third, Chinese diplomatic and consular missions around the world will slash consular legalization fees as much as two-thirds starting Friday, to save Chinese citizens and businesses more than 10 million yuan every year.

 In the phone talks, Putin once again congratulated Xi on his recent election as the Chinese president, saying that this important decision of China's NPC once again proves the high prestige of Xi and the support of Xi by all the Chinese people.





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