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 The company is promoting intelligent charging units for electric motors, which can automatically charge during the off-peak times. Customers can ask for installation and maintenance services for solar photovoltaic and charging units with a simple click on a website, he said.


 China promises 'necessary response' to US tariffs as trade war fears grow - The Guardian

 Teams have spent the past year rigorously checking implementation of environmental regulations, as Hou Liqiang reports.

 Speaking to deputies from the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Premier Li Keqiang called for implementation of the country's "go west" strategy to make the region an inland pioneer in reform and opening-up. He also asked the region to improve its business environment by consistently deepening reforms, improving living standards and resolutely securing victory in poverty alleviation.

 "With the facilities the company installs, farmers could not only know how much electricity they have generated, but also how much was sold to the grid and how much they could make from that," he said.





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