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 Gesang Zhoigar, an NPC deputy from the Tibet autonomous region, was also deeply touched by the election. "Being one of more than 3 million people from Tibet, I have strong trust in Comrade Xi, the whole Party's core, our nation's leader and the Army's commander," she said.

 In addition to the election of a new state leadership and leadership of the CPPCC National Committee, important proposals such as constitutional amendment and a draft supervision law were discussed while a new round of institutional restructuring of the State Council has started, he added.

 我国大学的办学和经营,长期来却一直不明不白,尤其是公办学校 。具体表现在以下几方面 。其一,学校利用教育资源、学位资源去经营,比如搞天价培训,扩大专业硕士招生,等等 。经营所得,不是进入学校财务,而是进了单位的小金库和个人的腰包 。这既败坏学校的声誉,被视为做文凭买卖的生意,也滋生腐败,有的学校校长、院长,就在校企担任职务,从中获取好处 。近年来,一些大学、学院就接连在举办培训班上出问题,甚至出现混淆招生性质的招生诈骗 。

 Noting that he very much agrees with the important ideas on such areas as national construction, improvement of the people's livelihood, and scientific and technological innovation Putin proposed in his recent state of the union speech, Xi said he believed both China and Russia will stick to their own development paths in the predetermined directions and make new achievements.

 先是黑龙江庆安县的徐纯合被警察击毙,然后,副县长董国生去慰问了开枪的警察李乐斌,然后,董国生的夫人被举报在当地学校吃空饷,然后,董国生因为被举报而遭停职 。然后,听说著名的主持人,何炅,也在学校吃空饷……

 China and Russia are comprehensive strategic cooperative partners that stand together through thick and thin, Xi said.





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