2011qq分组大全女生 :北京市委市政府致信感谢全市人民(全文)

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 Joining deputies from the Tibet autonomous region, Zhao Leji, also a Standing Committee member, said the campaign against privilege-seeking should be continued. He called for action against formality for its own sake, bureaucracy and various kinds of misconduct, and for keeping the pressure on problems of personal conduct.

 "Officials should never indulge themselves, never cross the line, never break the rules and improve their immunity to corruption," he said.

 "The efforts have helped to increase the annual income per household to 100,000 yuan, jumping 33 times from a decade ago," said Yang Yingchun, a Shatu resident. He expects a harvest worth 150,000 yuan from his 1-hectare sweet potato farm this year.


 Other major tasks to ensure the growth model transformation include developing the real economy, preventing systemic risks and improving people's livelihood, he said.

 He said the Chinese mainland is willing to share the development opportunities with Taiwan compatriots, deepen the cross-Straits economic and cultural exchange and cooperation, and bring tangible benefits to Taiwan compatriots and enterprises.





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