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 In late 2014, many ancient tombs and cultural ruins were severely damaged at a relics site on the border area of the city of Lingyuan and Jianping county in Liaoning. Archaeologists had previously unearthed a large number of relics dating to more than 5,500 years ago at the site.

 Jennifer Turner, director of the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, said China's decision to block many plastic recyclables is a global game changer, forcing cities in the US and Europe to figure out what to do with their huge mountains of plastics.

 "Skilled workers should be duly remunerated and held in high esteem by the general public," he said.

 Since 2012 China has redoubled its effort to reform the medical and healthcare system; it has accelerated the comprehensive reform of public hospitals and the price reform of drugs and medical service; it has also implemented serious illness insurance policies covering both urban and rural residents, adopted a multi-layer diagnosis and treatment mechanism, and improved the policies regarding the production, distribution and use of drugs. On October 29, 2015, enhancing public health and fitness was formally introduced in the communiqué of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. In August 2016, at the National Health and Fitness Conference, it was stated that the government will "follow the correct guidelines for promoting health and fitness services, focus on lower-level medical institutions, strive to reform and make innovations in the medical sector, prioritize disease prevention, lay equal emphasis on Western medicine and TCM, incorporate health promotion in all policies, and involve all citizens in promoting public health and thereby bring health benefits to all." In October 2016, the state issued "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, a guiding document on promoting public health and fitness, with plans to make the Chinese people healthier.

 Xi paid great attention to the development of new strategic industries in such areas as the new generation of IT technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, low-carbon development, biologically based pharmaceuticals, the digital economy, new materials and the oceanic economy.

 但是五粮液坐不住了 ,它要打官司 ,认为“大午”粮液商标和五粮液商标 ,读起来容易混淆 ,会误导消费者 ,所以侵权 ,对其市场构成了损害 ,要其赔300万 ,并且停止侵权。最后法官一审判大午粮液停止侵权 ,并赔其200万元损失。当然 ,大午方不服 ,正在上诉 ,要求二审。现在应该还在上诉过程中。





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