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 造成这诡谲现象的原因,不是因他喝多了鸡汤要淡泊名利,而是因有些隐形是伴生着“见光死 ”的后果的。尽管财新等媒体的报道中,并未言及车峰的“被查 ”是“协助调查 ”还是司法手段实施前的例行举措,但他的发迹及其资产扩张,却很难绕开那灰色的关系网络。而这个神秘网络背后,也许隐藏着的,就是当下中国财富分配合理,穷人越穷富人越富的奥秘。

 In all my exploration of Guangzhou, I had to remind myself that food was very essential for me to have the energy to work and move around and so from time to time I would take a moment to relax and feast on the Chinese cuisine.

 So, for the reasonable price of around 130 yuan I had survived, and enjoyed the outcome of, a wash, cut and blow dry in a country where I speak very little of the language. There've been times when I've not even managed that in the UK! The author is British, born in Spain, and now living in China. When not working in communications and marketing in Ningbo, Zhejiang, she enjoys travelling in China and Asia, practising her fledgling Mandarin and writing about her experiences. At home her pet cat Tyrion (proving that she watches way too much TV) keeps her busy, requiring regular Taobao purchases of cat toys and treats.


 Twenty minutes later and the time came for the blowdry. Having had many experiences in the UK, where hairstylists have insisted on drying and straightening my curly hair I didn't hold out much hope of walking out with the hair I was born with.





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