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 1949年筹建新中国,怎么建呢?通过什么形式?按照中国共产党和毛泽东早年的设想就是,民主选举产生全国人民代表大会,由全国人民代表大会选举产生中央人民政府 。但当时,大陆的军事行动还没有完全结束,土地改革还没有彻底实现,人民还没有充分组织起来,召开在普选基础上产生的全国人民代表大会的条件还不具备 。怎么办?共产党人是有智慧的:通过召开由民主协商产生的各方面代表组成的、具有代表全国人民性质的政治协商会议来协商建立新中国 。

 Therefore, the two sides should strictly abide by the principles established in the four important political documents between them, properly handle the sensitive issues related to the political foundation of bilateral relationship, fully implement the consensus of treating each other as a cooperative partner instead of a threat and make it a consensus of all circles of the Japanese society, Wang added.

 Wang is on a three-day visit to Japan starting Sunday. During his visit, he co-chaired the fourth high-level economic dialogue between China and Japan with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

 《关于设立国家宪法日的决定(草案)的说明》指出,将现行宪法公布施行的日期,即12月4日设立为国家宪法日 。这也就是说,1982年宪法经过1988年、1993年、1999年、2004年四次修改仍然是现行宪法 。那这怎么理解呢?

 Abe said that he eagerly expects and welcomes Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to visit Japan and to attend the trilateral leaders' summit between Japan, China and South Korea, and expects that the Belt and Road construction could help the recovery and development of regional economy.

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